Houseguests compete in the next PoV competition

 Houseguests compete in the next PoV competition

Big Brother Canada continued on Global last night where it was time for the houseguests to compete in the latest Power of Veto competition of the season.

On Sunday night’s Big Brother Canada, Avery was successful in the latest head of household competition, earning her the ultimate power for the first time in the game. At the nomination ceremony, Avery chose to nominate Elijah and Tola for eviction.

For the Veto competion, Bayleigh, Victoria and Lexus are picked to play alongside Elijah and Tola.

They must stack 25 teeth on top of each other, with the first player to successfully complete the tasking taking the Veto win. The first player who stacks 3 teeth has the ability to freeze one other player for two minutes.

Tola takes the lead with 15 teeth and eventually wins the Power of Veto!

At the Veto ceremony, Tola uses the Veto to remove himself from the chopping block. As a result, Avery nominated Matt as the replacement.

Will Matt or Elijah be evicted from the Big Brother Canada house? Find out tonight on Global.

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