Janine Holmes evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!

 Janine Holmes evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!

The glitz and glam has ended for makeup and hair stylist, Janine Holmes, as she becomes the first Big Brother Canada Season 12 houseguest evicted from the BBCAN Studios.

With All-Star “Dougylicious” Anthony Douglas as the first Head of Household of the season, earning the
HOH title for the first time in his BBCAN career, he nominated Selkirk, Manitoba’s Avery Martin as a pawn, along with his true target Janine.

After Toronto’s Dinis Freitas won the first Power of Veto competition of the season and chose not to use it, both the nominees remained and while secret alliances were forming all around the BBCAN Lot, the mom of two’s 15-minutes of fame were up, and Toronto’s Janine became the first houseguest eliminated by a vote of 11 to none.

Following the eviction ceremony, it was time to start the next Head of Household competition! The houseguests had to suck venom and then run to the tube of the houseguest they want to eliminate.

Once a houseguest’s tube is filled they are eliminated. The last houseguest standing wins Head of Household.

Who will win the Head of Household and who will they nominate? Find out Sunday on Global.

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