BB CAN: Jared and Nikki evicted in double eviction showdown

 BB CAN: Jared and Nikki evicted in double eviction showdown

This week saw the loss of 2 big characters, as Jared and Nikki checked out of the BBCan Grand

The first eviction of the night saw Nikki face off against Jared who has previously been named as a replacement nominee after Phil & Nick won the Power of Veto, saving themselves from nomination.

In a 3-1 vote, the first shock of the evening came when Kelsey decided to flip on long term ally and showmance, Jared – opting to send him home and save Nikki.

Following Jared’s eviction, Arisa announced to the house that this week was a double eviction, before all houseguests excluding incumbent HOH Cassandra, competed to become the next Head of Household.

In a game of 5 pin bowling, Nick & Phil emerged victorious. Following their victory, they chose to nominate Tim and Nicky. The brothers had previously stated they didn’t want a non-Canadian in the final 2.

In the Power of Veto competition, Cassandra emerged as the winner, correctly identifying quotations from former houseguests. In a brief conversation with Nick & Phil, she had earlier agreed not to use the Veto. However, when it came down to the crunch – Cassandra chose to protect her alliance, using the Veto to save Tim from the block.

Blindsided by her decision, Nick & Phil briefly toyed with the idea of naming themselves as replacement nominees, but ultimately chose to place Joel on the block next to Nikki.

Unfortunately for our BB UK legend – her luck was about to run out as a unanimous 3-0 votes saw Nikki evicted from the BBCan Grand!

We’re getting close to the end now, who will win? Stick with Big Blagger for all the latest from the BBCan Grand!

Cassandra saves Tim from eviction Jared Kesler is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house Nick wins HOH Nikki and Joel wait on the eviction vote Nikki Grahame is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house The brothers discuss a replacement nominee



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