A new HoH crowned and 2 more houseguests on the block

 A new HoH crowned and 2 more houseguests on the block

The current season of Big Brother Canada continued last night, as the houseguests once again battled it out for the ultimate power; Head of Household.

For this weeks HoH comp, houseguests played a version of musical chairs. They had to stand on a disk, then make sure they end up on a lit up disk after the lights start moving. If the houseguest were to be the last one to find a safe disk i.e.e one that is lit up, then they were eliminated. They also faced temptations throughout including food, drinks, and massages form BBCAN11 houseguest Rob. There was also a slop pass. Vivek went for it for making it on to the lit disk, just it in time. It is also revealed there is a special advantage hidden within the house.

With the comp underway, Todd was first eliminated, followed by Bayleigh, then Anthony and then Lexus. Elijah was next to be eliminated, followed closely by Dinis, Tola and Matt in that order. With only Avery, Kayla and Vivek left in the comp, both Avery and Vivek decided to go in search of the special advantage. Ultimately, Avery gets it and wins safety for the week.

That leaves Kayla and Vivek in the running for the HoH title. Vivek clinches the win and secures his position as Head of Household for the week.

At the nomination ceremony, Vivek nominates Bayleigh and Elijah to face eviction.

Who will win the PoV and will it be used to save either Bayleigh or Eljah from the block? Stay tuned on Global and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.

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