Rohan wins another PoV, Beth forced to name replacement nominee

Rohan is doing a fantastic job of painting a massive target on his own back, after winning his 3rd veto competition in a row. Of course, loosing wasn’t really an option this week, after he found himself sitting on the block next to house floater, Tera.

Tina, Breydon and Tychon were chosen via random draw to compete in the PoV alongside the two nominees. The competition involved houseguests memorising the position of foods on a grill before tossing items on to a picnic table.

It was a hard fought comp but Rohan held out to win the veto for the 3rd week running.

Unsurprisingly, he used it to remove himself from the block.

That left Beth in a bit of a prediciment, as she had to name a replacement nominee. After much discussion, Beth decided it was in her best interest to attempt to backdoor Victoria.

Tomorrow, either Victoria or Beth will become the first member of the BBCAN9 jury, and they’ll immediatley be followed by a 2nd jury member as a result of the double eviction!

Who goes? Stick with Big Blagger for the latest!