Betty makes her nominations and houseguests compete for the Power of Veto.

At the nomination ceremony, Betty nominates Jacey-Lynne and Josh for eviction.

It was then on to the penultimate veto of the season, and everyone was out to win.

For this week’s comp, houseguests took it in turns to try and match houseguests with their dream vacation, which was stages in 1 of 5 different areas. However, it wouldn’t be Big Brother without a sting in the tail somewhere – which came in the form of a blind fold. If houseguest were struggling they could press a buzzer within each room to provide an audio clue. Once the houseguest successfully paired each area with the correct houseguest, they were then able to remove their blindfold and move on to solving a final map puzzle. The houseguest to complete the challenge in the fastest time won the power of veto alongside an additional special prize. The results of the comp were as follows:

5th – Betty

4th – Kevin

3rd – Jacey-Lynne

2nd – Josh

1st – Haleena

As well as the Power of Veto, Haleena also one a secret video call with BBCAN3 houseguest and Season 5 winner, Kevin Martin. He gave her advice on how to succeed in the final stages of the game.

At the Veto ceremony, Haleena chose not to use the veto meaning either Josh or Jacey-Lynne will be joining the jury tomorrow!

Who will be evicted and who will make it to the final 4? Tune in on Global and stick with Big Blagger for the latest.