“BBCAN GRAND” Vegas inspired house revealed ahead of season premiere!

A “Lavish” and “Glamour” Las Vegas themed house being dubbed the “BBCAN Grand” has been revealed ahead of Wednesdays launch show!

The house, kitted out with a total of 75 microphones and 98 cameras, sports “a vibrant colour scheme, splashy décor, and extravagant rooms”. A press release provided by Global TV  states:

“The Season 4 houseguests have struck it lucky with this year’s glitzy accommodations, including a disco-themed hot tub area; an indoor pool; the most extravagant Head of Household room ever; and two impeccably appointed bedrooms – perfect for late night alliance strategy sessions or getting cozy with a showmance.”

Check out the new look house in our gallery below!

[unitegallery bbcangrand catid=4]