As the finale edges closer, who will secure their spot in the final 3?

We’re into the final week of season 9 of Big Brother Canada and last night we saw a new HoH named and the final nominations of the season, following Thursday’s eviction episode which saw Beth Bieda sent to jury.

With just Tychon, Tera, Kiefer and Breydon left in the game, last night the houseguests competed to secure their place in the final 3.

For the competition, competing in the OLG Room, the houseguests had to identify which houseguest had been evicted after seeing images of the players competing for the Veto. The player with the most points at the end of seven rounds would be crowned the new Head of Household.

The competition played out as follows:

Round 1 – Tychon earned a point.

Round 2 – Kiefer earned a point.

Round 3 – Tera earned a point.

Round 4 – Tychon earned a point.

Round 5 – Tera earned a point.

Round 6 – Kiefer earned a point.

Round 7 – Tychon earned a point.

As a result of earning the most points, Tychon won the competition and was crowned this weeks Head of Household.

With this weeks nominations just a foregone formality with Tychon insisting that he would not be nominating Breydon for eviction, during the nominations ceremony he nominated Kiefer and Tera for eviction.

Who will win the final PoV of the season and who will make it to final 3? Find out Wednesday in a special eviction on Global.