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Shred! The final five compete for the Head of Household

Hot on the heels of dreaded triple eviction on Thursday night, which saw Gino, Summer and Marty evicted, last night’s

3 houseguests sent to Jury in jaw-dropping TRIPLE eviction

For just the fourth time in Big brother Canada history last night, three houseguests were sent to jury in the

Gummy bears rule the house following the veto comp

Following on from Monday’s episode where three time HoH Marty nominated Josh and Betty…again. First houseguest spun the wheel to

Moose the “Blockstar” is evicted from the Big Brother Canada house

Big Brother Canada once again proved last night that Pawns are never safe on the block in the house due

Houseguests play for the Power of Veto and a secret veto is unleashed

It was another action packed episode last night when houseguests once again took part in the Power of Veto competition

Gino wins Head of Household, but who does he nominate?

Big Brother Canada continued last night, and picked up in the aftermath of Hermon’s eviction last Thursday, which ended with

BBCAN house sends first houseguest to jury

Last night, the first member of the BBCAN10 jury was evicted, after the house voted unanimously to evict Hermon. Speaking

Marty makes his nominations and houseguests play for the PoV

Following Monday’s cliffhanger ending, we were left waiting to find out who incoming HoH Marty would nominate for eviction following

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